Guide for Purchasing Real Diamond Earrings

What makes the diamond earnings the world’s highly popular choice? Diamonds without any doubt glow your face with sparkle and brilliance.

This perfect earring became quite popular in 19th century and still is going strong even today. Though they are perfect with the casual outfit in a park or couture gown on red carpet, diamond earrings are cornerstone of each woman’s jewelry wardrobe. Many women do not take it off: seriously, they are so good.

Quality Truly Matters

Some people may tell you that the quality of diamond does not matter for the earrings, and that you will get away with the yellow diamond with the visible inclusions.

Assumption is that nobody may look so closely. However, we feel better when buying premium quality diamonds that can be passed for generations as heirloom and won’t go out of style.

Make sure that diamonds are responsibly sourced by buying it from the vendor who will trace origin of diamonds as well as precious metal that are used for crafting your earrings.

Selecting Right Metal for Diamond Earrings

When selecting metal for the diamond earrings, you have to remember that the diamonds are reflective gemstones, it means colour of metal may influence the stone color.

For the diamonds with slight yellow tints, it is suggested to select yellow and rose gold since putting such stones in the white metal can just make them appear more tinted.

The highly suitable setting for the near colorless diamonds may depend upon where in range the stones fall. Suppose the diamonds will be graded G and H, then gems barely will have tints, and it’s totally safe to have this set in platinum or white gold. Suppose the diamonds are graded J or I, they may have a little stronger yellow tint, thus it is much better to look for the colored metals.

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