Things to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

Things to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are not for everyone, but if you have a lot of hair to spare and want some versatility in your hairstyle, then they can be a great investment. Certain things will make getting hair extensions in fort lauderdale much easier than others. Here’s what you need to know before getting them done:


Prices vary widely depending on the type of extensions you get and what company you use. On average you can expect to pay $600 to $1000 for hair extensions done professionally. They can be had cheaper, but a lot of that “cheap” price is in the materials and how long it takes for them to be made. You’ll get about 2″ in length for about $100 and that’s not a bad deal if you’re just getting shorter hair.

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Traditional hair extensions go from 8″ to 24″ in length. If you’re getting shorter extensions, they come in 0.5″ increments up to 6″, although you can get them longer than that if you want. Shorter extensions, especially the cheap ones, look very unnatural and obvious; this is why people pay a lot for real human hair, or for locks with natural-looking ends (usually horsehair). In real hair things like color, texture and sheen do not change abruptly at the point where the longer piece of hair is blended into the shorter one. This is because of genetics; hair tends to grow out in the same way it grows in.


Quality is very important with hair extensions. There are some brands that can have the look of human hair, but the extensions are made from cheap synthetic materials; they will not last as long as braided hair. It’s good to get extensions that don’t feel like they’re breaking off pieces of your own scalp, or would break if you pulled one out. It’s also important to get as close to real human hair as possible. Human hair is a product of nature and it has to be grown in order to be used for transformation (using a chemical process).


Shedding is normal with extensions, but some people may be more prone to it than others. The longer the extensions are that you have, the more hair loss you’ll have when they come off. This will last for a couple of weeks, but after that it should be fine. Before you get extensions, make sure they are coming from a company with natural hair (that is not chemically treated to look real), and ask your stylist if there is a waiting list for “new” customers.

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