Business cards are meant to be designed with all of the right elements, and a major consideration that you should focus on getting squared away before proceeding is what you want to add to the limited real estate that is available to you. You can’t print a business card that is so large that it basically just looks like a poster, since this would defeat the purpose of having adequate business information that people can store in their pocket.

Hence, since your Black Metal Kards will likely be too small to add vast swathes of text, you should reduce the space that you use by adding logos. For example, you would most likely want to add your Instagram handle to your cards due to the reason that this will be a great central location for people to go to if they want to learn more about your enterprise. That said, writing Instagram will take a shocking amount of space, and using the logo helps you convey the exact same idea with less than half of the business card real estate being required.

In order to add a logo that refers to Instagram on your card, you just need to go online and copy this logo after which you can past it into the text or graphics file that your design is located on. Make sure that you position this logo correctly, and try to line it up with the rest of the logos on your card so that they form a straight line. Crooked logo lines can make you look like a downright amateur and that is obviously not the impression that you would want anyone to get.